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Quality System

Scandinavian Design Lighting

- made affordable



to our world view of Scandinavian design..!

Good functionality in a beautiful design, but always at affordable prices




Scandinavian Design


Functional lighting with a minimalistic look is the core of our business.


Our Scandinavian Design lighting fixtures have been the most desired and sold globally, and have been so for 50 years.

Production facilities


We use two manufacturing facilities in China, and two in Europe. We cover all relevant materials, such as metal (iron, aluminum), glass, wood, plastic.

Certifications and quality

Our suppliers are certified according to International standards, and are regularly certified by the relevant inspection entities (e.g. BSCI, BV, UL, SGS, Intertek).

High transaction businesses demand an institutionalized Quality Assurance policy - we posses that, and demand it from our partners.

General lighting products


For our key accounts, the major retailers of this world, we are frequently asked to co-design in fixtures in close cooperation with the design and/or purchasing teams of the retailer.



With presence in more than 8.000 stores in over 50 countries, and more than 50 years of experience in the affordable lighting industry, we can solve the most challenges in the retail world.

We work closely with the merchants to solve the retail challenges to ensure that we all get the desired success.

LED products


Quality System was an early adapter of LED, and is designing Scandinavian design lightings with imbedded LED (see case).



Quality System

Founder and CEO of Quality System, Christian Brylle.
Scandinavian Design


Back in 1965 Quality System was a first mover in making Scandinavian Lighting Design affordable. The founding fathers, Flemming Brylle & Preben Jacobsen, made a wealth of designs, but also fostered a generation of lighting companyies

The Scandinavian design tradition is minimalistic with a strong focus on the functionality. We have taken approach to lighting design, and made it a discipline to sell affordable lighting through major retailers.

Flemming Brylle is still going strong, and is mentoring the younger designers. The company CEO today is Christian Brylle, son of Flemming Brylle.

Our lighting fixtures are designed by a variety of designers, the designs by Brylle/Jacobsen are still at the heart of our company. The most sold designs have turned 20 mio pieces sold (not counting all the copies). Brylle/Jacobsen designs are by far some of the most respected designs in the World of lighting if a purchase is a measurement of respect, and we believe it is.

The founding fathers of Quality System, Flemming Brylle and Preben Jacobsen.

Early days:



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Scandinavian Design Lighting

- made affordable

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